Our Framework, Code & rules

UK Combined Code

Corporate governance is multi-faceted in nature and encompasses company law, the regulatory framework, the Combined Code on Corporate Governance, ethical standards and corporate strategy. Clearly, failure in any one of these areas will impact on the perception of corporate governance.

Therefore Wyelands Bank gives due regard to the Combined Code on Corporate Governance as issued by the Financial Reporting Council.


Wyelands Bank has a Whistleblowing Policy in place, which applies to all members of staff of the Bank and any other person providing the Bank with services, including consultants and other service providers under contract to the Bank.

By setting out clear reporting lines, ensuring maximum protection for any whistleblower acting in good faith, and condemning any retaliatory action or reprisals, the Whistleblowing Policy allows any relevant persons to fulfil their duty to report wrongdoings.

Code of Conduct

Wyelands Bank’s Code of Conduct (the Code) is the standard that we set ourselves for what we say and do in our relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees, stakeholders, and regulators.

It is our commitment to the behaviours that are expected from each of us. The Code gives us guidance on how these behaviours should apply to all activities of the Bank. We are all required to follow both the spirit and the letter of this Code in our dealings with others, both internally and externally.

The Code is not, nor can it be, specific to each and every situation that we may encounter as an employee or director of the Bank. However, the intention of the Code is very clear and includes details of what action employees can take if they have any concerns. Each employee has a personal responsibility to read the Code and understand what it means.

Corporate Governance

We recognise the importance of high standards of corporate governance. We pride ourselves on clearly communicating our corporate governance to our stakeholders.

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Reports & Presentations

The purpose of Reports & Presentations on our website is to provide access to financial results, announcements and presentations and news releases about Wyelands Bank.

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