Inventory Finance

Short-term loans using existing inventory, such as materials stored in warehouses, as collateral.

We provide customers with more working capital by freeing up cash which would otherwise be tied up in stock or other inventory.

We can provide this in exchange for idle inventory which customers buy back after an agreed time. Or we can provide it secured against inventory, where the ownership of the inventory remains with the customer.

Inventory or stock financing can be particularly useful:

  • to free up cash to help businesses expand
  • to prepare for increasing seasonal demand for products
  • where suppliers need to be paid before they have been able to sell their inventory on to customers

We can offer inventory finance because of our deep understanding in different trading conditions.  This enables us to provide a fair valuation for our customers stock so tailor products to suit them.

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We understand that freeing up working capital is a major challenge for many businesses, and we offer a range of flexible services to help.

Our vision is to develop partnerships that provide opportunities to grow together, by providing access to working capital, tailored to each client.

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