Supply chain finance

Providing customers, and their sellers, with a facility to free up working capital for their whole supply chain.

Supply chain finance is particularly useful when cash must be paid out to suppliers before the income has come in from a business’s customers further down the line.

Supply chain finance helps close the gap between suppliers with short payment terms and customers who may take longer to pay.

It helps everyone by improving cash flow along the whole supply chain. This makes it easier for customers to fulfill new orders and grow their businesses.

We assess the invoice values and provide a credit facility. This means that our customers can pay their small suppliers on time, even though bigger customers are yet to pay up.

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We understand that freeing up working capital is a major challenge for many businesses, and we offer a range of flexible services to help.

Our vision is to develop partnerships that provide opportunities to grow together, by providing access to working capital, tailored to each client.

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